2016 Pontiac Trans Am Price Specs

The Firebird has been Pontiac’s entry in the muscle car segment for decades but the car has been discontinued back in the early 2000s despite the fact it was well received by its fans. Since then and since the brand was discontinued in 2010 many lost hope that a new Firebird was ever going to be built again. However, a small American company decided to take things into its own hands and back in 2013 they released a Firebird Trans Am based on the 2012 Camaro. Just as you would expect, the car was using a very similar design to the Chevrolet counterpart with only minor modifications on the exterior in order to make it look like the proper car.

Is Pontiac Coming Back?

Because they had quite a bit of success, they decided to build a 2016 Pontiac Trans Am, a high performance version of the Firebird, similar to the Z28 Camaro. However, unlike their previous model, this new car was going to be built on the same chassis as the new Camaro and it would use brand new engines. At first many thought that this car would just be a Camaro with a different body-kit but these guys managed to show off an incredible piece of engineering which has little in common with the Camaro.


2016 Pontiac Trans Am Price

The base price for this all new model is unknown at this point but it is quite possibly that the 2016 Pontiac Trans Am could hit the market for around $80,000 which is a bit much but for any enthusiasts out there, it might just be worth it.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Engine



Engine wise, the 2016 Pontiac Trans Am should use a bespoke engine built by this small company specifically for it. Their usual Firebird would use a mix of GM engines and high performance crate engines but the Trans Am is quite likely going to use GM’s own High Feature 3.6 liter V6, but this time specifically modified for it. This would get a twin-turbocharged system with twin-intercoolers that would feed the modified 3.6 liter V6 which could rev as high as 8000 rpm which is incredibly good for a turbocharged mill. The power ratings are unknown at this point but in order to make a reliable car and also to give it the performance needed to compete with the Z28, the Trans Am might get as much as 550 horsepower and more than 500 lb-ft of torque from its V6. The engine would then be mated to a 6 speed manual and a rear wheel drive system with a limited slip differential which would provide the required driving feel and fun.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am Exterior

2016 Pontiac Front

2016 Pontiac Front

On the exterior the 2016 Pontiac Trans Am will be nothing short of amazing. The car will still be based on the same platform as the Camaro but the front and rear are going to be unique while from the side it will look quite a bit like the second generation of the Firebird. The back of the car will receive the usual hidden tail lights with the quad exhaust system and in order to keep all that power in check, a hidden rear diffuser. The front end will get individual headlights as well as the Trans Am usual paint scheme.

2016 Pontiac Trans Am interior



The inside of the car on the other hand will be quite familiar for those who sat in a Camaro before and that’s because the Trans Am will be mostly identical to the GM counterpart. The only real changes over the base Camaro are going to be a new steering wheel, a new set of seats that will offer better support as well as the all new targa-top, meaning that the roof of the car will be detachable so the passengers will get the feel of an open-top car.

If you are interested in history of Pontiac you can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pontiac_Firebird

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