2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 is still a kind of an unknown since there are not reliable and official information about its specifications and performances.

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 Release Date

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 spy

It needs to be clearly said that 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 is still a big mystery to the world public. Namely, nothing reliable is known about this car. Having stated this, we can only conclude that this car has not been presented. Furthermore, the exact date for the presentation in the showrooms has not been determined, but it is expected that the car would hit the showrooms during the beginning of 2016. Consequently, we are in the dark regarding the potential release for sales of this model; however, there are some rumor that this car would hit the market during the end of 2016, or even during the beginning of 2017.


Since we are talking about a car which is covered with a veil of mystery, we certainly cannot give prices for various variants of this modern. There are some predictions that potential prices and price ranges would be available after the official presentation of 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949, i.e. somewhere during the first half of 2016.


Alfa Romeo Tipo 2017

On the basis of the available information, 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 would have very aerodynamic and smooth exterior design which would be enriched with the carefully designed headlights and taillights which would use the latest LED technology. Furthermore, the manufacturer would produce this model with four doors, and there would be a door for the back par where there would be very spacious trunk area.

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 Interior

On the basis of the available data, 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 would have two rows of seats and it would be able to receive up to five passengers. There should be no question whether the manufacturer would include a lot of other accessories, some of them following modern technologies and trends.

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 back

2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 Engine

Taking into account that 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 has not been presented, we would give engine specifications on the basis of the speculations and rumors which hoover above this car. Namely, it is predicted that the manufacturer would use a 3.0 liter engine for this car, and that this would be a twin-turbo engine with V6. Furthermore, this powerful engine option is expected to give the total output of about 510 horsepower. The engine is expected to have turbo charging as well. In addition to this, the manufacturer would match this engine option with the automatic transmission. More precisely, it is speculated that this would be a ZF transmission which would have eight speeds. There are some predictions about the acceleration rate of this engine, namely, it is believed that this engine would need only 3.9 seconds to reach 60 mph. Finally, the manufacturer would also most probably offer variants.

We are left to wait for the official presentation and specification release of 2017 Alfa Romeo Tipo 949 in order to see what kind of a car it really is.

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