2017 Honda Pilot

The third generation of the Pilot has been released to the public not too long ago while the production model is almost complete and it should be released on the market as the 2017 Honda Pilot. The car is all new, featuring a new platform which happens to be the same as that on the MDX, a new engine as well as a brand new design which is a lot better than that of the previous generation which has a bit too boxy for our liking. The new model also features more room inside as well as it offers more power and better fuel efficiency than before.

New 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot Price

The price has not been set just yet but the car should be offered for around $31,000 which is great considering how well the car is equipped. Many people thought that this was the new Odyssey but Honda shocked everyone when they released it as the Pilot. While it may look more like a minivan rather than an SUV, thanks to its great price and massive space inside the cabin, it is probably the best three row crossover currently on the market. On top of that it features quite a bit of power as well as a lot of luxury equipment.

New 2017 Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot Engine

There is only one engine available which is a bit of a shame. However, this new 3.5 liter V6 is now fuel injected as well as it offers more fuel saving features such as cylinder deactivation. The end result is an output of 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque which is more than what the previous generation had. The fuel consumption on the other hand will improve by around 20% thanks to its much lower weight and the new engine. There is still no word about the transmission used in the car but we think it will come as standard with a 9 speed automatic which is the same as the one on the MDX.

Spy Honda Pilot

2017 Honda Pilot Design

Just as we previously mentioned, the design of the 2017 Honda Pilot is all new and we have to say that it is a lot better than that of the previous model. However, there are some downsides to this design and the most striking is that the car now looks more like a minivan rather than a crossover which may turn some people off. However, it does look a lot more stylish with the new grille and the integrated headlights which complete the design rather well. At the back there are LED tail lights and a nice chrome strip that runs across the width of the car. Inside the cabin there is more of the same, offering up to seven fully fledged seats and all the usual commodities of a car in this class. The only downside is that there might be just too little luggage room when all the seats are up.

2017 Honda Pilot Interior

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