2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter

Most people around the World have heard about the Toyota Prius as being one of the first hybrid cars to be available to the general public. However, when you tell some people that there are other hybrid cars available they may look at you in disbelief. In order to change that the Korean manufacturer Hyundai is going to release a direct competitor for the Prius which is said to be just as good if not better. On top of that, they plan to release it at a lower price and it will be available around the World as soon as it will be launched. But what else do we know about this 2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter? Well, it seems that Hyundai is going to use a similar platform to that of the Sonata as well as the new car will share some parts with the Sonata in order to keep the costs down and also to make current buyers feel like the new car is just part of the Sonata lineup.

2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter

2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter Price And Release Date

At this point in time there is not that much official information available about this next generation model but early leaks started to appear as early as 2013 and not too long ago a model has been actually spied testing. The launch date should be in the Fall of 2016 while the car will be ready for sale for the mid of 2017. The base price, while not officially confirmed just yet, should be around $25,000 in order to allow it to compete with the Prius and also allow Hyundai to tackle a completely new market segment for them.

2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter Engine

2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter Engine

Let’s move under the hood of the 2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter. Unlike what most people said about it, it seems that the new model will get an all new powertrain completely different from the one of the Sonata Hybrid. The engine is likely going to be a small 1.6 liter inline 4 with direct injection and variable valve timing that will run in a modified Atkinson cycle. This will be mated to a 90 to 140 kW electric motor as well as a bigger than usual lithium-ion battery pack that will store enough electricity for a few miles of electric range as well as it will act as the storage for the regenerative braking system. The total power of the system should be around 140 to 170 horsepower and it should be good for at least 50 MPG on average in the US, meaning that it might just be the car to beat the Prius when it comes to fuel consumption.


Hyundai Prius Fighter

The design of 2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter will be vastly different than anything Hyundai offered on the market so far. At first many thought that the car will use the same design as the Sonata but after it was spied this is clearly not the case. In fact, from the profile it does look a lot like the Prius with a bigger than usual back end and a lot of aerodynamic features to it such as specially designed mirrors and wheels. All of these should reduce drag considerably while making the 2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter incredibly silent during normal use. The back seems to use a small diffuser while in the front there are 2 Xenon headlights which are mounted quite low on the front fascia.

2017 Hyundai Prius Fighter Interior

Unfortunately at this point in time we do not have too much official information about its interior but it seems that the production car will use a very similar layout and equipment level to the Sonata Hybrid model. In fact, the new car should be pretty much identical with the exception of the infotainment unit which will display customized information about the hybrid setup in the new car.

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