2017 Jeep C SUV

2017 Jeep C SUV would suffice all standards that an SUV should suffice, from great design to very powerful engine option. There are not any verified information regarding the date when 2017 Jeep C SUV would hit the showrooms, but it is firmly believed that this would happen during the first half of 2016. In addition to this, the manufacturer has not set the sales date yet; however, the speculations predict that the sales would commence during the end of 2016 or even during the beginning of 2017.

Jeep C SUV

2017 Jeep C SUV Price

Taking into account that 2017 Jeep C SUV has not even seen the light of the day let alone the date for the commencement of the sales was established, we can only conclude that there are not precise prices for this SUV. However, the rumours predict that the price range of this model would go between $30 000 and $40 000.

2017 Jeep C SUV Exterior

New 2017 Jeep C SUV

2017 Jeep C SUV would have a very robust and masculine looking exterior design with slightly sharp edges. The manufacturer would make this SUV with four doors, and there would also be a door for a quite large cargo area. The wheels of this SUV would be of 17 inches and they would be able to go through water which is twenty inches high. The total weight of the car is expected to be 6500 lbs. This SUV is also made also, the car would have windows which would be semi-automatic. In addition to all this, headlights and taillights would use LED technology.


2017 Jeep C SUV Interior

Comfort and space are undisputable in 2017 Jeep C SUV. Namely, there would be a lot of sapce for maximum five passengers which would be placed on two seat rows. The SUV would also have a lot of modern technologies, to mention just satellite navigation.

2017 Jeep C SUV Engine

Since the intention of the manufacturer is to make 2017 Jeep C SUV capable of surpassing any terrain difficulty, the fact that the engine option would be a very powerful one is not a surprise. Namely, it is believed that the manufacturer would use a 3.6 liter engine under the hood of this SUV. This engine option would be able to produce the output of 290 horsepower, i.e. 6400 rpm, and to use about 260 lb-ft of torque, i.e. 4800 rpm. In addition to all this, this engine would have twenty-four valves. Furthermore, the manufacturer would enable the all-wheel driving system for this SUV in addition to the four-wheel drive suspension. Regarding the transmission the manufacturer would use, it is believed that this would be the automatic transmission which would have eight speeds. Fuel economy would also be an important factor, and that is why this SUV would use 17 mpg in city and 25 mpg on highway, while the total capacity of the fuel tank would be 24.6 gallons.

Jeep C SUV 2017

To sum up, 2017 Jeep C SUV would be ideal for difficult terrains and harsh weather conditions since it would be very powerful and very reliable.

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