2017 Lincoln Continental

The company’s iconic sedan, the Continental will make its comeback in 2016. The 2015 Continental Concept was unveiled at the New York Auto Show, and then the news came about this new model, along with an official statement by the company.

2017 Lincoln Continental Concept

New Lincoln Continental

The production car is still a year away from presenting, but there is Continental Concept to look at until then. It is pretty much sure that the production version will keep many of the exterior and interior features, but some of the details about this sedan are still unknown, so there is a lot of space for some speculations. This sedan comes with a new engine, new transmission, new design language and it will have a very expensive cabin. It could become second-most expensive Lincoln after the Navigator.

2017 Lincoln Continental Exterior Design

Lincoln Continental 2017

The exterior design of the production car will probably look the same as concept’s design, excluding a few features that might be too expensive. This luxury sedan will have the newly designed front grille, with raised Lincoln badge and the mesh made from several polished aluminum Lincoln Star emblems. The company finally ditched off the trademark split grille.
Unfortunately, the new headlamps won’t be seen on the production version. The company will probably keep the pop-out door handles to stand out among its rivals. It would be good to see the chrome strip on the side skirts, as well as on the front and rear aprons.

Interior design

2017 Lincoln Continental Interior

The interior of the 2017 Lincoln Continental Concept is ready to go into production, so the New Lincoln Continental will be unveiled in 2016 with similar cabin features. It will have 30-way adjustable seats, both front and rear. It will also have the smart glass tinting sunroof and the table-supporting tray.
Almost everything you see in the concept car is likely to have a production version. Only the champagne storage compartment will be available just in the range-topping model, along with a long-wheelbase version developed for the Chinese market.

2017 Lincoln Continental Engine

Unfortunately for all fans of the V-8, under the hood of the Continental Concept will be a V-6 engine. The company dropped 8-cylinder engines with the redesigned 2015 Navigator SUV, and it seems that it won’t bring them back. It is more likely that the company will add a 4-cylinder EcoBoost engine to the 3.0 L V-6 showcased in the concept cars.
The company didn’t say anything about the 3.0 L EcoBoost, just that it is all-new, so we don’t have output figures. However, if we take a guess, the model could come with 350 hp, which would make it less powerful than most of its rivals. However, it could also make it a leader in the segment in terms of fuel efficiency, especially if it comes with nine-speed or ten-speed automatic gear.
It is possible that the production car will have the Adaptive Steering and the Lincoln Drive Control system with 3 driving modes.


At this point, it is too early to talk about price, but considering all that luxury and new technology put in the concept car, the production version could become the second-most expensive Lincoln after the Navigator which retails from 61.920 dollars for the 2015 model year. The main competitors are the Cadillac CT6 and Audi A8. This new Lincoln comes with a new design language, new engine, new transmission and ultra-luxurious interior. Unfortunately, according to some reports Ford won’t invest in a new RWD platform, but keeps its global FWD architectures. This luxury brand deserved more than that, it needs something completely different. This model is a great sedan with luxury interior and a different exterior design, but it doesn’t have a chance against any of its rivals. It almost seems that Lincoln is scared to play in the big league.

If you are interested in history of …… you can read more here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lincoln_Continental

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