2017 Mitsubishi Montero

The new, 2017 Mitsubishi Montero is coming soon. This new Mitsubishi model will probably be released specifically for the U.S. market, but this assumption has not been comfirmed. This model is refreshed in order to replace the Mitsubishi Gallant. The Montero has been sold in the U.S. for over 20 years now, and in order to keep old ones and attract new customers, there should be some major changes. This design is also sold in other markets under the Pajero nameplate. The 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will come with a new platform, using light materials, so that will improve the aerodynamics of this model. The interior will be more modern, elegant and equipped with high-tech for extra comfort. Engine wise, there are a lot of rumors about this segment, but it will probably work on a diesel, gas and hybrid system.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Exterior Design

Mitsubishi Montero 2017

The new 2017 Mitsubishi Montero should be much more elegant and subtle, with no pressure on the feel of an off-road SUV. This model will probably work on a diesel, gas and hybrid drivetrain. This engine line-up should be quite a ride for this version. The Montero will probably come with a brand-new platform, with enhanced aerodynamic. The main characteristic of this new platform is that this model will use light materials, and thanks to those, this model will get rid of some overall weight, which will have a main impact on the better aerodynamic. There will be a new grille, as well as new headlights, wheels, and some chrome details.

Interior design

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Interior

The interior design of the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero should be much more elegant and more luxurious in order to attract even more U.S. customers. This new Mitsubishi design should come with unique features, but also make this new model much more practical. The cabin should come with much more space and contemporary details, thanks to the company’s new platform. The company hasn’t yet revealed how interior will look like, but it seems that it will surely be quite differente from the present Montero. This five-door model certainly should come with high quality materials and functions, along with luxury and elegant style.

Montero 2017

This model will come with high-tech devices to provide extra comfort such as a large touch screen, a new infotainment system, navigation, automatic climate control, Bluetooth, digital instrument panel etc.

2017 Montero model

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Engine

Engine wise, there are some rumors that the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will come with a range of drivetrains. Even though there are no reliable details yet, there are some speculations about variety of engines along with plug-in hybrid variations. The anticipated hybrid system should be like the one of the present Outlander.

According to that, if this model gets the hybrid variant, it will probably be 2.0-liter inline four cylinder gas engine combined with a 60 kW electric motor, along with a lithium-ion electric battery. This hybrid variation will transmit power to the all-wheel drive system, unless its electric battery loses charge. In that case, the power will be transmited to the front- wheel drive. Under the hood there should also be a gasoline or diesel engine.

New Mitsubishi Pajero

The company hasn’t decided what will be under the hood of the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero, will it be a brand-new drivetrain or something similar from the other Mitsubishi models.

2017 Mitsubishi Montero Price

This beautiful SUV, the 2017 Mitsubishi Montero will most likely be at the 2016 Chicago Auto Show. As for the cost, there are no announcements about that, but it can be assumed that this upgraded version will be much more expensive than the previous Montero design, but that can be justified since this model will come with more luxury and high-tech devices than the previous one.

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