2018 Honda CR-Z

One of Honda’s numerous oddballs, CR-Z has been in production for five years now. Even knowing this, Japanese automaker doesn’t plan on changing it anytime soon. In fact, they might just decide to give it an axe like in Europe and Australia, before second generation models become ready. 2018 Honda CR-Z should fix most of current model’s problems and will, hopefully, give us what we wanted all along.
Current mild-hybrid system doesn’t do a lot more than taking some space and making 2-door hybrid coupe heavier. Next-gen model will certainly get different powertrain and the winner might just be Civic Type R’s own 2.0L turbo four with slightly lower power output.

2018 Honda CR-Z Exterior Changes

Honda CR-Z 2018

Current car’s problems don’t only come in uninspiring powertrain department. Car’s design isn’t that prolific as well and extensive changes are required to make CR-Z more attractive. Luckily, that’s exactly what 2018 Honda CR-Z will be getting. It will borrow some cues from upcoming Acura NSX (mostly up front) and some styling solutions from Civic Type R (around the back). Frontal fascia will, thus feature a beak type of grille with smiling lower air intake and gaping foglight inlets. Roofline should keep its arching structure, but profile itself will feature a lot of angular creases. Finally, mentioned rear should be more upright than it currently is, and could also feature a spoiler.

2018 Honda CR-Z Interior Changes

2018 Honda CR-Z Interior

Expect plenty of changes inside as well. Even now, CR-Z is rather unconventional in terms of cabin design, but that will be changed to some extent by the time new models arrive. Materials, too, will be changed, but overall level of refinement won’t. You can still expect sporty options like cloth seats with inserts and plastic dash with metallic accents. 2018 Honda CR-Z should keep the optional touch screen display, but new unit is supposed to be upgraded by then. It would be a shame to see the colorful gauge cluster go, but that’s life sometimes and we can only hope that Japanese will think of something equally good, or even better.

2018 Honda CR-Z Engine

Even though current engine doesn’t allow sporty performance, it still gives CR-Z impeccable efficiency. New engine will, however, be unable to replicate current unit’s 37 mpg combined with CVT gearbox. Prices, on the other hand, probably won’t wander off far away from the original $20,000 mark.
2018 Honda CR-Z will have to be a much more inspiring vehicle than it currently is in order to grab the bigger market share. What we have seen so far, luckily, promises that it will be.

New 2018 Honda CR-Z

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