2018 Tesla Roadster

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a Tesla Roadster nowadays, but it still isn’t impossible, and could be a fine piece of business too. This was Tesla Motors’ first vehicle and it was the first long-range electric vehicle produced, never mind the fact that Roadster is a sports car. Between 2008 and 2012, Roadster went through a few revisions, but Tesla Motors didn’t forget their first customers. Every Roadster owner has the chance to upgrade his car to version 3.0 which promises almost double the range compared to initial models. Apart from that, 2018 Tesla Roadster promises even more, since second generation and 2-door coupe’s resurrection isn’t that far away.

Unlike first generation models which were powered by 250-horsepower electric motor and 53 kWh lithium-ion battery pack, 2018 Tesla Roadster is supposed to feature stronger electric powertrain and larger battery. Current 3.0 upgrade allows between 300 and 400 miles of range, depending on how heavy your foot is, and that’s all possible thanks to the new 70 kWh battery pack. We know that Model S comes with 85 kWh batteries in its top tiers, and we wouldn’t expect anything less from Roadster’s second generation. However, electric cars exhibit the most advances in technology over short time spans, and 2018 is still a long way ahead of us. In turn, we wouldn’t be surprised if new Roadster came with something more advanced than anything available today.

Even now, Roadsters 3.0 are being fitted with special aero kits which are supposed to reduce the drag, thus increasing efficiency. 2018 Tesla Roadster will certainly follow the same example. It will be more aerodynamic than its predecessor, and should feature advanced, futuristic design without those angular shapes seen in first generation models’ cabin layout. However, 2-door coupe layout will be kept with all of its pros and cons.

2018 Tesla Roadster Interior

Tesla Interior

Tesla Interior

As far as interior is concerned, we still don’t have any relevant info to share. Let’s start, however, with the fact that plenty of things can change inside the span of three years, and that this could easily mean that new Roadster will be more advanced than anything we have now. 2-seat coupe won’t offer more cabin space than it did before, but cabin itself should be uplifted in terms of luxuriousness. If Tesla decides to keep their touch-sensitive controls, we could easily see Model S’ huge 17-inch touch screen display inside 2018 Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster

We should also see an increase in material softness as more plush options should make the cut this time. However, it is still too early to speculate. Expect all available connectivity options and Wi-Fi hotspot by the time it gets out of the assembly lines.

2018 Tesla Roadster Price

We have already mentioned Roadster 3.0’s ability to deliver as much as 400 miles of all-electric range. What kind of output will 2018 Tesla Roadster have is still early to predict, but it won’t take any steps in wrong direction; that much is certain. 85 kWh battery pack seems like a perfect fit at this point, but it could grow in size a little bit by the time new models arrive. Prices, however could only go down. We have already witnessed price reductions in Model S, these last couple of years, and second generation Roadster certainly won’t cost more than $100,000 which was the case upon its introduction. On the contrary; it could set the bar to some $70,000.

New 2018 Tesla Roadster

2018 Tesla Roadster will mark a special occasion for the company. It comes a decade after their first produced car which is, incidentally, first generation Roadster. However, second generation models will be much more advanced, and they should annul all of outgoing model’s shortcomings. What will their strengths and weaknesses be, however, remains to be seen.

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