Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck Concept

Renault is well known around the World for building some of the best city cars out there and more recently, for building quite great executive sedans with their upcoming Talisman. In order to expand their roster and get their name in more segments of the market, the Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck Concept has been launched not too long ago as a design study to see if they could build one for the market. It seems that the response they received was quite positive because a few Renault officials declared that the Alaskan is going to go into production some time in the mid of 2016.

Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck Concept Review

Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck Concept

Unfortunately, at this point in time there are not that many details about the upcoming truck but it seems that it will be a truck with a payload of 1,000kg or roughly 2,200 pounds. This would put it right in the same category with the Nissan Navara, on which it is actually based on, the Hilux as well as a few other trucks. On top of that, there are rumors that the Alaskan could also be introduced on the North American market and even say that it would even have a chance on the US market. This is because it is expected to come at a price of around $25,000 at which it will be better equipped than pretty much any of its real competitors. The drawback would be that the brand is not that well known in the US and it would face tough competition from trucks such as the Colorado or even the Ranger.

Renault Alaskan Engine

Engine wise, the Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck Concept has been released with a single engine choice, the same unit found in the Navara. This is a 2.3 liter inline 4 diesel which may not sound that impressive at first. However, thanks to a pair of turbochargers, it is more than capable to provide as much as 163 horsepower and well over 340 lb-ft of torque, just as much as its bigger and more expensive competitors. The advantages come with its fuel consumption which is as low as 7 liters for each 100 kilometers, quite impressive for a truck. The production model will also likely get the single turbocharged version of the same engine and a choice of a manual or automatic gearbox. As standard, the truck will come with rear wheel drive but an all wheel drive model is also going to be available as an option.

Renault Alaskan Design

Renault Alaskan Concept

The design of the concept truck is quite unique and it will most likely not be carried over completely to the production model. The front end with the Talisman-inspired grille as well as the HID headlights are likely going to be offered on the production model as well. However, the massive wheels which are wrapped in high performance tires or the flared wheel arches are likely just a proof of concept. The production model should also retain the bed of the concept truck which is quite unique because it offers storage spaces on the inside of the bed as well as an automatic tailgate. Also, the truck will come with a 2 or 4 door cabin, so it will be able to suit a lot more people than its twin, the Navara.

Renault Alaskan Pickup Interior

The interior of the Renault Alaskan Pickup Truck is quite impressive and the production model should be no different. The truck is quite refined for what it is and even the base model is expected to come with a lot of extras as standard. Climate control, cruise control, blind-spot detection and even a leather wrapped steering wheel are all going to be standard. Options will likely include leather upholstery, satellite navigation, a surround audio system, heated and ventilated seats as well as more refined interior trimmings such as aluminum or even wood on some more expensive editions.

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